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11 Mar

My first anniversary is just a few short weeks away. As it gets closer, I find myself reminiscing on the day, and the weeks leading up to it. There are several things I wish I had done differently. I loved my wedding, and it went smoothly, with no disasters. But, there are things that I look back and think, “I wish…..” So, here is the list of things I would do if I could do it over.
1. I would have had a list of pictures I wanted, and I would have made sure I got them. I had all of these ideas and I was certain I would remember them. I didn’t. Until it was too late. In all of the excitement of the day, I blanked completely. I kick myself all of the time because of it.
2. I would have spent more time on my vows. It’s not that I don’t like the ones I wrote. It’s just that I wish I had written more. I wish that I had cut out some time contemplating the things I would like to say and the promises I wanted to make.
3. I would have spoken up. This is an odd thing to write for someone as loud as I am. But, my nerves got the best of me and I all but whispered everything I said. I wish I had taken a deep breath and spoke those words with more confidence.
4. I would have done all of our church photography before the ceremony. I was so set on not seeing my husband before the ceremony. After the ceremony, I was so concerned about the people who were waiting on us. We missed out on more than a few photo opportunities. Not to mention, our children were worn out from the day and not in the picture-taking mood afterwards. There are a million ways to make that moment special before the ceremony, resulting in more photography time, and I wish I had done it.
5. I would have smiled more. I was so nervous before the ceremony. I was so emotional and trying to fight back tears during. I was concentrating so hard on all of that I forgot to concentrate on how happy I was. I was all smiles after the ceremony and during the reception. I wish I had been that way more before-hand.
6. I would have had the reception planned better. I missed out on some of the traditional reception activities because I didn’t have it planned well enough to make it flow smoothly and people didn’t stay as long as I would have liked.

And, here, the things I would never change about that day:

imageThis moment. My mom helping me get dressed.

imageMy dress. It was amazing and I felt amazing in it.

My children. They played a very special part in our day.

The sand ceremony. Joining our two families as one.

imageThis moment. My dad.

Our photographers. Still Memories Photography and Kristen Gray photography
imageThese girls. Couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather have had standing beside me.
Our families. Celebrating our love.
imageThe fun. We had a blast!image
imageThis man. I would choose him every time.

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