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A Little Laughter

6 Mar

Oh, my! It’s been so long. Between the general exhaustion that comes from being pregnant (and being pregnant after 30), my full-time job, taking care of my family, and, now, fighting off a sinus infection…… I haven’t had ANY energy to even type my name.

Here are a few laughs, courtesy of my hilarious 6-year-old son, to brighten your day.

“Oh, I wish I were Romeo.”

“Now, that’s a predicament!”

As he found a bag of Doritos, “Life just keeps getting better and better. DORITOS!!!”

Looking at a skeleton picture, ” Where’s the skeleton for my private?”
Me: “Your private doesn’t have a skeleton.”
Him: “Oh……. so that’s why it’s so jiggly.”

“Mom, you do all the talking, I’ll do all the working.”

After complaining that his stomach hurt.
Me: ”What’s wrong with your belly?”
Him: “I’m getting old.”

“Never buy a jet-pack at a yard sale.”

“Come on, Pilgrim, it’s time to wake up.”

“Mom, what’s wrong with your voice? It sounds like a dump truck carrying two icicles.”

“My feet smell like toast.”

“That burrito smells like a hillbilly ate a 5 pound fish!”

Isaiah: “When that baby in your belly gets big you’ll be a hillbilly”
Me: “What???”
Isaiah: “You know…. Because your belly will be like a hill. A hillbelly”

“My stomach really appreciates this breakfast!”

After discussing the age of his great-grandmother:
“Why is she so old? Is it because she ate old food?”

I’d love to read some funny things your kids have said! Leave them in the comments below and give us all a chuckle. It’s been so nice to stop by and say, “Hello!” Hopefully, I’ll be back soon!



Make Me Great

18 Dec

Author: Bagande


This is part of my 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me Series. The topic….. Something I wish I was great at.


There are many things I want to be good at. I would love to be able to play the piano and the guitar. I’d like to be able to bake something from scratch. I wish I could dance. There are several things I’d like to be better at. I strive every day to continue to be better at my career. Writing, singing, car mechanics, and computer skills also come to mind. (And I’m certain my husband wishes I were a better driver.) But if I could choose one thing to be great at, the choice would be an easy one. I want to be a great example.


I want to example a great wife. I want my husband, my daughter, any other girl watching me, and even my son to see grace. To see humility. To see selflessness. To see forgiveness. Purity. Partnership. Kindness. Passion. Gentleness. I want to show them that a woman can be independent and strong, to stand up for herself,  and still be an effective member of a team that compromises and gives when it’s needed. I want to example a love and respect for my husband that will leave a legacy of successful and happy marriage for my children and grandchildren.


I want to example a great mother. I want my children, my nieces and nephews, my students to see sacrifice. To see unconditional love. To see boundaries. To see structure. Fun. Laughter. Openness. Memories. I want them to learn to prioritize the people in their lives above the things. I want them to learn all of the personality traits it takes to be a great parent and I want them to be able to apply them when they have children of their own.


I want to example a great friend. I want my friendships to be great examples of love. Of laughter. Of sharing. Of fellowship. Of loyalty. I want to show how important it is to have people in your life who challenge you and make you better. People who will support you and lean on you. People who laugh and cry with you. People who listen to you and trust you. I want my children to learn how precious true friendships are and what to look for when finding those people they can count on.


I want to example a great woman. I want everyone who crosses my path to see joy. To see faith. To see courage. To see freedom. To see strength. To see hope. I want people to see that, despite life’s struggles and disappointments, there is One who offers strength when we are weak, comfort when we are broken-hearted, and a safe place to land when we fall. I want people to see God’s love when they look at me.


That is the wife, the mother, the friend, the woman I want to show my children. Those are the footsteps I want to leave for them to follow. I want to be a great example so that I may leave them a great legacy.


5 things I should do….. But I don’t

15 Feb

English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco.

There are things I should do. Things that the rule-bound person in me feels are necessary. Things that the girl inside, who always has to be right, screams at me for not doing. But I don’t. I throw caution to the wind and, instead, do the things that will make life more fun. I choose to be irresponsible. The screams of the girl inside fade into white noise. And I smile.

I should…

Put. The Oreo. Down. – I love Oreos. I really really LOVE them. I don’t buy them very often. Most of the time, I’m good. But every once in a while, I just need them. So, I break down. I pour a glass of milk and I dunk away.

Buy the more practical shoes – I love shoes. I really really LOVE them. All kinds of shoes. Boots, sandals, tennis shoes. Mostly, I love heels. You know the ones; those sexy stilettos I will never have the opportunity to wear. The ones that hurt after they’ve been on for 15 minutes. But every once in a while, I just need them. I tell myself I’ll surely find some place to wear them; even if it’s just for a little while. (And I have to take them off as soon as I sit down.)

Spend less time doing my nails – Once a week, every week. I research something new, that I’ve not done before; or at least not for a while. I sit at my dining room table. I turn on The Bachelor or some music. I do my nails. It usually takes about an hour. I should probably be doing laundry or dishes. I probably should spend less money on nail polish and little tools to do those cute things. I probably should just slap on a coat of polish and go. But, I don’t. I love doing my nails. I love finding things that are different and fun. It is, after all, my favorite part of being a girl.

Drink less chai tea – Let’s just be honest. It’s probably not all that good for me. Especially because I don’t just drink the tea. Give me the latte. It probably has, like a million calories. But it’s so good. So I drink it. Practically every day. And since my husband got me one of those fancy Keurig coffee makers for Christmas, and they have a fantastic chai tea latte….. that’s probably never gonna stop.

Drive slower – I don’t drive to the point of being dangerous. But I could. Give me a sexy, sporty little car and an open road and I would be gone. I love driving fast. I have no patience for people who drive slow. Speed limits are for the weak. (And, before someone turns me in, cruise control was made for me. It allows me to follow the laws. And I would NEVER put anyone in danger.)

I know. Not anything life changing, really. Except they make my life happier. They just aren’t the choices I should probably make.

What things should you do, but you don’t?

Welcome to Life As I Know It

24 Jan


I used to think I would write a book. But I decided that a book would stop eventually. And, as anyone who knows me knows, I have a lot to say.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to my life.

I’m Sara. I am a Christian. I am a wife. I am a mother and a step-mother. I am a teacher. I am a woman. I am a friend. I’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt. I love reading and learning. I love writing. I am opinionated. I tend to be bossy. I talk loud and laugh louder. I’m kind of a dork; but definitely in the fun way. I like to cook. I like to sing and dance when no one is watching. I like people watching and discussions. I like Chai tea and a good movie.

My husband is Kevin. He loves me like no one ever has. He is very different than me. He has had to learn to deal with my emotional ups and downs. But he has learned; and now when I need to cry because of something sad on tv, or a bad day at work, or there was only one line on that damn stick… again, he just lets me cry. And some days he lets me fight. And some days we have so much fun and we never stop laughing. We love going to dinner together. We love bringing dinner home and eating in bed and watching movies. Isaiah was here before him but you wouldn’t know it to watch them together and see how much they love each other. I am so so blessed to have that man.

Isaiah. His life could be a story in itself. He is my miracle baby and one day, when I’m feeling a little stronger, I’ll tell you that story. Today, though, he is a smart, strong, funny, sweet, independent 5 year old. He likes to take his mommy on dates and every once in a while he’ll tell me we’re getting married. He loves cuddling on the couch and watching movies. He loves wrestling and sports and big trucks. He makes me laugh, genuinely laugh, at least once a day. He has blessed my life in more ways than I can ever keep track of. He is my little man and a physical representation of my heart.

Justice is 8. She has been in my life for such a short time but I love her so much. It was no challenge to just bring her into my life and treat her just like she was my own. She has a mommy, who loves her, but I consider myself very fortunate to get to share my heart with her. And I take my part in helping her grow up very seriously.

We also have several pets, I have a huge extended family, and I have some pretty incredible friends. Life is life and it comes with its share of valleys but at the end of the day… Life is beautiful.

So, here I am. Finally, a way to fulfill that part of me that has always been there. My prayer is that this will become a place for me to share my opinions and ramblings, in the hopes that, somehow, I can inspire conversation, laughter, soul searching, and maybe even some change. I’m not jaded…. I’m not going to change the world. But sometimes someone’s opinion can make you take a look at the way you live. And, sometimes, taking a look at the way you live leads you to change the way you live.

So enjoy, comment, laugh, cry. Share with me also. Because, like everyone else, I could sometimes use a long look at the way I live.

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