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Awesome things my son says

11 Feb


My kid is seriously funny. He really does make me laugh every day. And I will freely admit that I am one of those parents who thinks my child is the best ever. But he really is so funny. Other people think so too.

Here are some of the more recent, cute, and funny, things he has said.
“I love you to the elephant. I win. ” (His reply to being told I love him to the moon.)

“Why don’t people in heaven fall down here?”

As he’s handing me a Ninja Turtle mask… “Mom, put this on me, quick. I’ve got a city to save.”

Isaiah: “Mom, was Nana crying on the phone?”
Me: “Yes.”
Isaiah: “Oh, cause that’s what Nana does?”

“Can we make Jesus a fruit cake for His birthday?”

Isaiah: “Faith is my wife.”
Me: “Oh, yeah? Why is that?”
Isaiah: “Cause she told me.”

After he called me Dad…
Me: “Do I look like your dad?”
Isaiah: “Yeah… Except for those round things.” As he motions to my chest.

As he is teasing my mom back and forth about the “gross” things they like to eat.
Isaiah: “I like to eat socks.”
Nana: “I like to eat little boys.”
Isaiah: “Oh, now we’ve gone to another level.”

Me: “Why are you wiping your hands on my tablecloth?”
Isaiah: “I was raised by wolves.”

“Mommy, when I grow up, will you marry me?”

Isaiah: “Mom, I forgot my phone at home. (an old, non-working, cell phone) Now if someone calls me I won’t be able to answer it.”
Me: “Maybe they’ll leave a message.”
Isaiah: “Mom, people don’t leave messages anymore.”

“Mommy, why does Mamaw always tell me yes when I want something and you don’t?”

As I pulling something from behind a storage shelf, that is leaning towards me dangerously. He covers his eyes and says, “I can’t watch this. I can’t watch this.”

“Quit staring at me like a hedgehog.”

“I can’t handle this conversation.”

As my mom remarked on something crazy that I had done. “Welcome to my world.”

Just some of the reasons I can’t get enough of that boy. I would love it if you would share some of your funny kiddo stories!

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