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10 May

The person I want to be almost always has a smile on her face. She speaks with grace and poise. She laughs more often than she cries. She controls her temper and finds the proper ways to stand up for herself. She lends a hand to others and sets an example to those around her.

The person I want to be is funny and kind. She holds her tongue when necessary and speaks words of wisdom and truth. She is feisty and full of life. She is

beautiful butterfly

not afraid to be herself because who she is is beautiful. She is confident because she knows she is worthy. No one could ever convince her she is anything less than magic.

The person I want to be is responsible and trustworthy. But, at the same time, she is carefree and not afraid to fly. She is the life of the party, but it’s natural; her personality is just that big. She is comfortable in her own skin and unique in her style.

The person I want to be is full of faith and never-ending dreams. She is grounded enough to see reality, but she never quite walks with her feet on the ground. She believes that anything is possible and she sees the beauty in the world around her. She lives a life based on integrity; centered on God.

The person I want to be makes her husband feel like the only man in the world. She is supportive and patient. Loving and strong. She is the kind of wife that makes him feel fortunate to love her.

The person I want to be is the kind of mommy her kids deserve. She is never impatient or too busy. She is always full of fun ideas and interesting activities. She says “yes” way more often than she says “no”. She is someone they look up to and respect; and she is their best friend.

The person I want to be is a great friend. She is unselfish and giving. She is a better listener than speaker. She is joyous when the situation calls for it and sympathetic when needed. She laughs and cries alongside. She shares deepest secrets and glasses of wine.

The person I want to be is so many things. She is who I wish to see when I look in the mirror. She is who I pray, each evening, I wake up to each morning. One of these days, though. One of these days, this is the person I will be remembered as. This is who I will be.

The red squares

29 Mar

This week has been an interesting one. A week of debates, harsh words, and judgement. A week of closed-mindedness masking itself as open-mindedness. A week of hate, a week of taking sides, a week of regression.

The gay marriage debate is not a new one. It is something that has been argued back and forth for years. It is an issue that divides people quickly; with not much middle ground. It is a catalyst for people sharing their opinions, and attacking those that don’t agree with them. If you sit back and watch, you can see it causing a division that is miles wide.

I have friends that are on both sides of this debate. I have friends, whom I respect and love, that are on the opposite side of this debate than I am. (I won’t share my personal opinion here. That isn’t what this post is about.) Most people who are very passionate about this issue, on either side, are able to back up their opinion based on a strong set of beliefs. I have seen arguments for both sides that are worded very respectfully and without malice. Most of what I’ve seen however, is anger, disrespect, and an inability to accept those that believe differently.

People who are passionately pro-gay marriage are very quick to put down religion and those that place their faith in God. They are quick to point out how hypocritical and unloving Christians are. They are quick to claim their right to believe the way that they want while, at the same time, arguing that those that don’t share those beliefs should not be able to speak their minds. They claim to be open-minded, but they only mean open to what they believe to be true.

People who are passionately anti-gay marriage (usually the Christian demographic) are very quick to put down those that are gay or supportive of someone who is. They are quick to point out how disappointed God is in everyone else. They are quick to judge and condemn. They are quick to claim their right to believe the way that they want while, at the same time, arguing that those that don’t share those beliefs should not be able to speak their minds. They claim to love, but they only mean loving those who believe the same truth they believe.

When did we, as a society, lose the ability to disagree with respect? When did we lose sight of unity as a nation, as a people? When did we become so unable to be passionate about a subject, to stand on opposite sides of an issue, but to love despite our different opinions? When did we begin to let our differences divide, instead of just making for interesting, intense conversation? When?

Or were we ever really what I imagined?

This week has saddened me. Whatever the outcome, whatever the court decision, I fear this week is not something we will quickly recover from. The words that have been spoken, the lines that have been drawn, the relationships that have been changed… those things will echo throughout the future. And their effects may be far-reaching.

Believe the Impossible

25 Mar

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland

English: Illustration for the fifth chapter of...

There is power in believing the impossible. There is something about believing that anything can be done. It restores innocence and wonder. It builds dreams and destroys limitations. It strengthens hope and fosters imaginations. I believe the impossible. I believe that anything can be done. Sometimes, even 6 things before breakfast.

I believe in magic. I believe in miracles. I believe that magic is not illusions and mysteries. It is in that feeling you can’t describe. It is Christmas and sunrises. It is that look of pure joy in your child’s eyes. It is innocence. It is dreams coming true.

I believe in overcoming obstacles. I believe that there is nothing that can defeat you, unless you allow it to. I believe in the ability to move mountains. I believe that we have been given the strength to survive any situation. With enough faith, perseverance, and determination there is nothing that can’t be done.

I believe in true love. I believe that there is one person for everyone who chooses to find them. I believe that we are made for someone specific. I believe that sometimes it takes work and several heart breaks to find that person. But, when you do, you know your heart has come home.

I believe in imagination. I believe that you can be anyone you choose. I believe that you can travel to far off lands without ever leaving your home. I believe that the images that we can create in our minds can never be matched by images created on a screen. The imagination is one of our greatest tools.

I believe in people. If you look around, most days, it seems impossible to believe that people are good. I do. I believe that the people who love outnumber the people who hate. I believe that the people who dream outnumber the people who give up. I believe that the people who give outnumber the people who take advantage. I believe that the people who have faith outnumber the people who don’t believe in anything anymore. I refuse to give up on humanity, even when it looks like the odds are stacked against us.

I believe in happily ever after. I believe in fairy tales. I believe in Prince Charming. I believe that happily ever after takes work. I believe that fairy tales are simply your dreams coming true. I believe that Prince Charming isn’t always riding in on a white horse; sometimes he is a brown-eyed boy, in a red car, taking your breath away with a first kiss.

Unsolicited advice

4 Mar

If I could give someone advice, something that I think would make their lives better, easier; I could. I would love to, in fact. And I know that my advice is something that not everyone agrees with, and that’s ok. All I can tell you is my experience, all I can give is my own opinion. And, I believe very strongly in what I’m about to say.

Don’t have sex until you get married. I know that’s “old-fashioned”. I know that you may think that you’re the only one waiting. (You’re not, by the way. There are far more people making that choice than you realize.) I know you feel like he/she won’t love you if you say “no”. Say it anyway. Chances are, that in two or five or ten years, you won’t love each other anyway. And if you do, they will respect you and love you more for standing up for yourself.

Don’t have sex until you get married. Let me tell you why I say that. Let me explain to those of you who think I sound like a hypocrite. Let me share my thoughts.

Sex is something beautiful. Well, it should be. It is designed to be a beautiful connection between two people who love each other. It is designed to be a physical representation of a love between a husband and wife. It is designed to build intimacy and create a closeness you can find nowhere else. At its most basic, it is designed to create children.

What happens is, you find someone that you think you love. You may even actually love them. You have all of these feelings and hormones you don’t understand. You think that it is an expectation. You think that, because you love this person, you are supposed to have sex with them. And then you grow up. Or you grow apart. For one reason or another, you realize that this person isn’t intended to be the one you spend forever with. You break up and move on.

That’s life. It happens. But, if you’ve had sex with this person, they take a part of you that you can never get back. They have somehow changed who you are and what you believe. They have altered your expectations and views of love and sex. They have forever impacted you.

Everybody knows the physical consequences; diseases and pregnancies. These things are taught to every middle and high school student in the nation. But no one talks about the emotional ones. No one talks about the lasting effects that only you can know.

And then, one day, that person does walk into your life. That person that you are supposed to spend forever with. That person that is worth walking through all of the trials and difficulties for. That person that makes your life more beautiful. And you regret. You regret that you don’t have every piece of yourself to give them. You regret that there have been others. You regret that someone else knows you like that. You regret that someone else has known your spouse like that.

It takes away from what could have been. It takes away from what is supposed to be. It leaves room for added insecurities and doubts. It changes things.

That’s my advice. And maybe I’m wrong…. but if I’m not, you won’t be able to realize it until it’s too late. You won’t be able to realize the full meaning behind what I’m saying until you have met Mr / Mrs Right. So, just consider it. Consider that I might be right. Consider that someone else has stood where you are, and made the decision that you’re trying to make. Consider that maybe, just maybe, what’s popular isn’t always right.

You have options. You have choices. Make sure you make the choice that is right for you…. the one that will continue to be right for you.


24 Feb
Bucket List word cloud #3

Bucket List word cloud #3 (Photo credit: mccmicb)

I am a big fan of words. I love song lyrics, Bible verses, books, and quotes. I love the words that make me laugh. I love the words that make me cry. I love the words that make me think. I love the words that resonate deep in my soul.

I think that words are one of the most powerful tools we posses. My heart has been broken because of words. My spirit has taken flight because of words. My smile has been unstoppable because of words. My future was decided because of words. They are so often spoken without thought; despite the profound effect they can have over our lives. One of my favorite thing about words is that they can mean something different to different people. They can mean something different to the same person at different periods in their life.

I have a notebook full of words. Song lyrics, quotes, etc… that I have been writing in for a big part of my life. Each time I hear or read something that touches me, I write it in there. It’s like the spoken soundtrack of my life. I love to take it out and read it and let those words reach into my soul all over again. I would love to share with you one of my favorites.

“The heart has reason which reason cannot understand” – Blaise Pascal

Do you have the appreciation for words that I do? What do these words mean to you? Feel free to share some of your favorite words with me. Maybe they’ll go in my book too.

I believe

29 Jan

Everyone has to believe something. And not just in a spiritual sense. The things that we are passionate about. The beliefs that make us individual. The beliefs that make us someone worth knowing. The quirky, or serious, pieces of you that someone may have to dig to find. I was reflecting on this one day several years ago (before I met my husband) and, in an effort to know myself more, I decided to record my beliefs. My personality, at least at that moment. It’s interesting what we can learn about ourselves and each other just by simply sharing what we believe. Here are my beliefs. I would love it if you would share some of yours!

I believe…

Daisies are more romantic than roses

Sunsets are the perfect time to fall in love

Every wife should be the most beautiful woman in the world

I believe…

Happily ever after is something you make, not something you find

A person’s true feelings will always show in their eyes

Your dreams are sometimes worth a broken heart

I believe…

Your love is the most important gift you have

The man I marry will make it less frightening to grow old

Love in its purest form is in the smile of a child

I believe…

The greatest tragedy is loving someone and not telling them

A great pair of shoes requires a new outfit

You can’t truly live without risking pain

I believe…

Shooting stars should always be accompanied by a wish

A good cup of coffee is never a waste of money

Love, true love, sometimes takes time and sometimes takes a lot of miles. But when you find it, you will know; and it will be worth it.

I believe

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