Happy Moments

28 Nov

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Since Thanksgiving is upon us, I thought I would tackle two things at one time.  This is part of my 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me series.  The topic, 10 thing that make me the most happy right now.  These things are also the things I’m the most thankful for….

1.  My relationship with God.  It’s easy to see how my life has been a work in progress.  The most difficult memories I have are during times when my faith was being tested.  As I look back on those moments, I can see how much I’ve grown.  I have come to a place where my spirituality is deep and personal.  And I look forward to the growth yet to come.

2.  My husband.  It’s not a joke when people say that being married is hard.  It’s not a statement to be taken lightly.  But, when you find someone worth being married to, it is so worth it.  He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he brings tears to my eyes.  He takes the time and puts forth the effort to make our marriage better and stronger each day.   His presence in my life each day makes my world a happier place.

3.  My children.  Beyond all the mundane.  Beyond all of the worry.  Beyond the struggles and stresses of motherhood.  My kids are truly my joy.  Simply being able to love them and call them mine.  A sweet hug or corny joke just in time.  Knowing that their love for me is unconditional.  That even on my grouchiest day, they will never hold a grudge.  The big days or the simple days at home.  I am one blessed mommy!

4.  My friends.  I have never been someone to have bunches of friends.  I have several friendships but very few close friends.  But, this is one of the areas of my life where I feel I’ve been the most blessed.  I am certain that the people that are in my life have been placed there for a reason.   I have a pretty fantastic small group of friends!

5.  My family.  My family is huge and it seems to never stop expanding.  We are a noisy bunch; always talking and laughing.  My siblings are hilarious and when we are all together it is nonstop.  But we also share the tough times life sends us through.   There have been several times in my life where my family has been my strength.  I’m thankful for the times they’ve lifted me up and I’m thankful for all the moments of joy.

6. My work. I love my job.  I get the amazing opportunity to spend each day with high school kids.  I hope that I am making a positive impact on their lives.  I also work with a pretty great group of people. And my job allows me to help provide for my family.

7. Chai tea lattes. They’re so yummy! They give me an opportunity to slow down and enjoy a moment. They let me relax. It’s not just a drink…… it’s an experience.

8. A good book. There is nothing like losing yourself in a well written book.  There’s something about letting those words create scenes and characters in your mind. I love to read because I love the freedom it gives me to be a part of someone else for a short time.

9. Summer time. The time of the year that the sunshine and warm weather make anything possible. The time of the year that our little family is all together. The time we get to plan and take family vacations. I love just about everything about summer time!

10. Life. It’s messy. Sometimes it’s painful. It’s full of surprises and disappointments. But it’s also fun and exciting. It’s full of love and laughter and opportunities. Life is beautiful.


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