My Wish For You

30 Sep

This is part of my 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me series. The prompt…. my hopes and dreams for my children.

To my children,

I want so many things for you. There are so many dreams inside of me that awakened because of my love for you. I know that there are great things in store for your lives. And I look forward to watching you fly.

I hope you laugh. Find reasons every day to enjoy being alive. Surround yourself with people that make your smile meet your eyes. Don’t take yourself too seriously. There are very few things more beautiful in this life than someone who is truly happy. Be beautiful.

I hope you dream. And dream big. Never let someone tell you it can’t be done. If you find passion in something, pursue it. You are capable of great and wondorous things. Believe in yourself. Never give up. Follow those dreams, wherever they may lead you.

I hope you love. Fearlessly. Recklessly. Once you find someone worthy of your heart, don’t hold back. The greatest loves are founded on the greatest sacrifice. But most of all, love yourself. I assure you, you are someone worth loving.

I hope you cry. Emotions are not to be hidden. In fact, it takes strength to be connected to your emotions. To feel so strongly that your heart can break. Shed tears of sorrow without feeling weak. And shed tears of joy without feeling shame. Allow yourself to be passionate. Allow yourself to feel.

I hope you pray. Realize that your strength does not come from within. But from a God who loves you beyond logic and expectation. A God who’s love for you is infinitely more beautiful than any other love you’ll know. A God who will speak to you, you need only to listen. Follow Him.

I hope you are kind. Truly care about others. Be polite. Reach out your hand to help where you are needed. Give of yourself. There are people all over this world considerably less fortunate than you. Not just because you have things, but because you have love. Give freely to them.

I hope you are happy. It is easy to worry and be afraid. It is easy to let the trials of this life beat you. Be strong. Be courageous. Look yourself in the eye each day and decide to smile. Decide to laugh. Decide to dance. Decide to sing. Whoever it is that makes you happy, be that person.

I hope you live. We only get one chance to change the world. Don’t waste it. Live freely. Without regret. Make your mark. Make a difference. Make your life beautiful. Fly.


2 Responses to “My Wish For You”

  1. Jenny October 1, 2013 at 10:42 am #

    This was great! Beautiful words for our children. Thanks for your post

  2. Elise December 12, 2013 at 6:15 am #

    I am so glad I found your blog tonight. I have been going through somewhat of a personal enlightening experience ever since I became a mom almost 6 months ago. I have come to realize that throughout most of my life I have been hiding my true self in place of an altere ed self for acceptance from others. Being a mom, I want to encourage my son to be himself & be comfortable with who he is deep down. This journey through motherhood has been a journey in self-acceptance. I have felt resentment towards my mother ever since I’ve has my son & couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. Talking to my sister tonight (she plays the same role in my life as your best friend) she opened my eyes to the fact that the tension in my mom & I’s relationship stems from the fact that I used to alwaya think I was just like my mom but now, being a mom, has made me realize I am very different from her in so many ways. So this lead me to the question, if I’m not just like my mom, who am I? I literally cried when I read your post about your son & how he changed your life. I feel the exact same way. I want to be authentic & genuine for him & I want to celebrate my strengths & not hide my weaknesses. This doesn’t mean that I can’t have a relationship with my mom I just have to not depend on her for my own self esteem & acceptance or guidance. I just had my 27th birthday & although in some ways I feel sad that it took me this long to take a step back & realize WHO I am & want to be I’m so happy that it happened now. I honestly
    feel like I could accomplish anything & that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My relationship with God has been overshadowed by being consumed with appearance & success in my life but I feel that I have the clarity back in my life to be able to nurture and focus on God’s plan for my life. Thank you so much for your posting, you honestly have no idea how much you have helped me on my journey to becoming my authentic self. Thank you

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