Week from…….

7 Mar

Sometimes it feels like more than you can handle. Sometimes there are a series of events that seem like they are designed to break you. Sometimes it seems like one thing after another and you wonder when it will ever stop. This week has been one of those. I have affectionately nicknamed it my week from hell.

It started off as a normal Monday morning. I have about three more weeks until a two week Spring Break, so this Monday morning wasn’t quite as bad as they normally are. A co-worker was in the hospital, but things didn’t seem to be extremely serious. Until I got the phone call about 9:00. Things were serious. Things were looking very grim and the doctors did not have a positive outlook. So, Monday was spent at the hospital and then back at work, worrying.

Tuesday morning, I received the call that this woman had passed away. My heart was so heavy. Her absence will be felt for a long time. She will be sorely missed and her sense of humor can never be replaced. It was a very emotional day.

Wednesday was a day off. No work. I needed a day. I needed a day away from everything, to try to recuperate. My heart was still aching for my co-worker’s family, especially her daughter, whom I call a friend. But I thought a day away might do everyone some good. Throughout the day, it became evident to me that this day would not be the peace that I so desperately needed. Our sump pump quit working, which in turn, flooded our basement. I had to try and spread out all of the laundry that had gotten soaked in the process, so that it didn’t ruin before I could use my washing machine again. I, the girl who has an irrational fear of water that I can’t see to the bottom of, had to stick my arm, up to the shoulder, into the dark sump basin and help to see if we could get the pump to work on its own. It didn’t. We had to shop-vac all of that water out and carry it up the basement stairs to dump it outside.

Today is Thursday. We will be purchasing a new pump and installing it tonight. I have yet to have a day this week that has been fairly decent. I’m praying today breaks that trend. At this point, I’m almost afraid to see what happens next. I know what the past few days have been. I’m so ready to get this week over with and start anew.

*Please keep my friend and her family in your prayers. There is so much pain when you lose someone suddenly; when you lose them too soon.


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