A journey begins

17 Feb
pregnancy test

pregnancy test (Photo credit: Konstantin Lazorkin)

This is part one of a three part series on the way Isaiah came into the world. I share this for several reasons. Firstly, I hope that my story, his story, can somehow give someone else hope, or make them appreciate their blessings more. Secondly, it explains a lot about the person I have become. Finally, I swore that if God would hear my prayers and answer them, I would be sure that everyone knew; and that’s a promise I’ll keep.

Okay…… Let’s travel back in time. It’s January of 2007. I have just ended an on again off again relationship that has lasted for 7 years. It wasn’t a healthy relationship and it never should have lasted 7 years, but you live and learn. (To avoid confusion: Isaiah’s dad is a great one! He loves Isaiah so much and is very involved in his life. We just weren’t good at being together, for several reasons.)

So, February rolls around and I’m getting used to the single life. Going out and having fun. At some point in all of this, I start feeling bad. Tired all the time, sick. I had the flu.

Well, the flu lasts for several weeks. Not only that, but between stress from work and being sick, I have missed a period. Now, I am a college educated person, but I never thought what all of you are finding so very obvious. I called the doctor, she suggested I take a pregnancy test, I laughed at her, and four tests later… Yep, I’m pregnant. I’m not in a relationship, I haven’t had any contact with my ex in two months, and I’m pregnant. I remember sitting in my car after the doctor confirmed my test, just staring into space, wondering how I was ever going to do this on my own.

I contacted my ex and told him the news. In the interest of “doing the right thing” he asked me to marry him. I said no and began my journey into single parenthood.

To spare you from all of the details, we’ll skip ahead some. There were the typical doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, cravings, morning sickness that lasted all day for months, shopping for clothes and diapers and furniture, the usual.

At one point, and I honestly don’t remember what prompted this particular appointment, I ended up in a high-risk pregnancy doctor’s office doing an additional ultrasound. As the technician is doing the ultrasound, she is explaining to me what she is looking for: holes in his heart, size of his umbilical cord, no cord around his neck, formation of his other organs, etc…. and, most importantly, she gives him a clean bill of health. My baby was healthy (and he was going to be tall).

Fast forward some more and I am taken off work for high blood pressure concerns. Around week 35, I am traveling to the doctor’s office three times a week for blood pressure checks. Monday, week 37, the doctor sends me straight to the hospital to be induced. I am hooked up to magnesium to protect against a stroke and pitocin to induce my labor. I will be a mommy by the morning.

Or, I will be in labor a very long, very slow 40 hours.

To be continued…..


2 Responses to “A journey begins”

  1. faithsmomma February 18, 2013 at 12:23 am #

    Ohh… me… I know how this story ends 😉

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