5 things I should do….. But I don’t

15 Feb

English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco.

There are things I should do. Things that the rule-bound person in me feels are necessary. Things that the girl inside, who always has to be right, screams at me for not doing. But I don’t. I throw caution to the wind and, instead, do the things that will make life more fun. I choose to be irresponsible. The screams of the girl inside fade into white noise. And I smile.

I should…

Put. The Oreo. Down. – I love Oreos. I really really LOVE them. I don’t buy them very often. Most of the time, I’m good. But every once in a while, I just need them. So, I break down. I pour a glass of milk and I dunk away.

Buy the more practical shoes – I love shoes. I really really LOVE them. All kinds of shoes. Boots, sandals, tennis shoes. Mostly, I love heels. You know the ones; those sexy stilettos I will never have the opportunity to wear. The ones that hurt after they’ve been on for 15 minutes. But every once in a while, I just need them. I tell myself I’ll surely find some place to wear them; even if it’s just for a little while. (And I have to take them off as soon as I sit down.)

Spend less time doing my nails – Once a week, every week. I research something new, that I’ve not done before; or at least not for a while. I sit at my dining room table. I turn on The Bachelor or some music. I do my nails. It usually takes about an hour. I should probably be doing laundry or dishes. I probably should spend less money on nail polish and little tools to do those cute things. I probably should just slap on a coat of polish and go. But, I don’t. I love doing my nails. I love finding things that are different and fun. It is, after all, my favorite part of being a girl.

Drink less chai tea – Let’s just be honest. It’s probably not all that good for me. Especially because I don’t just drink the tea. Give me the latte. It probably has, like a million calories. But it’s so good. So I drink it. Practically every day. And since my husband got me one of those fancy Keurig coffee makers for Christmas, and they have a fantastic chai tea latte….. that’s probably never gonna stop.

Drive slower – I don’t drive to the point of being dangerous. But I could. Give me a sexy, sporty little car and an open road and I would be gone. I love driving fast. I have no patience for people who drive slow. Speed limits are for the weak. (And, before someone turns me in, cruise control was made for me. It allows me to follow the laws. And I would NEVER put anyone in danger.)

I know. Not anything life changing, really. Except they make my life happier. They just aren’t the choices I should probably make.

What things should you do, but you don’t?


2 Responses to “5 things I should do….. But I don’t”

  1. faithsmomma February 15, 2013 at 2:16 am #

    Honestly, I love the fact that you’re such a girl about your nails! It’s always fun to see what you’ve come up with to do to them! I envy your dedication and patience when it comes to those girly things.. nails, hair, etc. I have no patience.

    Also… no one awesome drives slow… just sayin.

    Shoes and oreo;s… well… those are things a girl just can’t give up 😉 Chai tea… not so much 🙂

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